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hong kong (disneyland) (part 3)


have you guys ever been to any of the disneylands around the world? so far i've only been to 2 disneylands which is the one in los angeles and in hong kong and each i visited twice. i must say im a very lucky person. and if you have the time and money, do go and visit these theme parks and trust me, you wont regret it! it is indeed one of the happiest place on earth. it makes you feel as though you are a kid all over again. age doesnt seem to exist here.

now one thing that i didnt really like about hong kong disneyland this time round was because the weather was just too hot and there were lots of people from mainland china! look, i've nothing against these people but oh my god some of them were very crude and really no finesse. if they weren't pushing or banging into me (or other people around them) then it wont be so bad but when they do, they are not bothered to even apologize. kinda rough if you asked me. aigoo.. but what to do. nowadays theres tons of PRC (peoples republic of china) scattered all around the world and somehow, these chinese folks seem to have become rich overnight. righttttt!! or havent you noticed? ooh and let me tell you, i have seen them shop at the branded boutiques and money isnt a problem at all! you can see them carrying bags and bags of expensive shopping and never underestimate them ok, they know their pradas to their vuittons! less is definately not in their vocab, its more is more! 

anywho, these pictures above shows the main entrance to hong kong disneyland. its colorful isnt it? ok so here's the deal, i'll just narrate a bit and i'll let my photos do the "talking" instead. as they say - a picture is worth a thousand words. 

main street of disneyland. rows of shops sellling knick-knacks, souvenirs, cafes, etc. oh just to let you know, this theme park is "divided" into 7 different zones. starting with the main street, then its tomorrowland, fantasyland, adventureland, toystoryland, mystic point and grizzly gulch. (dont ask me what "gulch" means). and inside each zone, there's different types of things for folks to do. you guys can google more about the theme park if you want to know more about it ok. just check out my photos, you'll roughly get what im saying.

so, we began our "trek" at tomorrowland. 

now in tomorrowland, there's the buzz lightyear astro busters. interactive game where its like a laser shooting game. you get into your "car" and it will move along the way and then you can start shooting to get points. you wont win anything though. its just for fun and something to do whilst sitting in the car and looking around. if you dont want to shoot is fine too. afterall, there's alot to see as the car is moving along. by the way, its a bit dark but lots of colorful things to see. 

thereafter, we took a ride at autopia. as you can see, its just another car ride, open air. 

the next land that we went to was fantasyland. and in fantasyland, we went for the golden mickeys. its a musical extravaganza honoring some of disney's favourite films. that picture is beauty and the beast singing and dancing. 

 also in fantasyland, you can never miss out on this which is called its a small world. figurines created from all around the globe is put in there and singing to one tune in their own language. its such a beautiful sight and trust me, if you want colors, this is it! its also very magical to see all these fantastic almost life-sized dolls, opening and closing their mouths and "singing" along. melodic! you dont want to miss this ride! you'll see what i mean in a second.

there we go. this is what i mean. so cool ya! my digital camera doesnt do much justice as it was kinda dark in there so the pictures arent as clear and sharp as i would like it to be. sigh but you get what i mean right! 

still in fantasyland, this is mickey's phillarmagic. lots of singing and dancing performed by popular disney characters like mickey and minnie mouse, donald duck, goofy and gang. 

popped by mystic point. so this is mystic manor. im not sure if you can go inside but we didnt of course. it was way too hot out in the sun and we were already melting by then and dying of thirst. yeah, dont forget to bring your water bottle or facial spray! but then again, depends on when you are going. 

this was at toy storyland. nothing much going on here. we just had a look see. 

so whilst making our way back to the main street of disneyland, we came across this band playing out on the street. there's lots of things going on around the themepark. if you're lucky (and if there's no long queue), you may get a chance to take pictures with disney characters walking all around the park. if you are dying to take a photo with them, be prepared to wait. oh and let me tell you, the hours spent in there is because of all the waiting. from waiting to get into the toilets to waiting to get to your rides or if you want to get some food...its all about patience! you've gotta have them. to cut short your waiting time especially for all rides, you can purchase the express ticket, which of course you would have to pay more than the normal priced tickets. go google and read about it before purchasing your tickets, should you ever go there! (applies to all disneylands around the world, i should think). 

this was our "ride" back to sunny bay mtr station. the disneyland mtr has this logo on the windows of each carriage. how cool is that! coz this train only services from sunny bay to disneyland and back. 

well my dear readers, we have come to the end of my day trip to disneyland. stay tuned for more on hong kong escapades in my upcoming blogs ok. sorry this particular blog on hong kong is a bit long. yes, i tend to go on and on...cant help it. sharing is caring! hahahaha ok im off now. 

p/s here's the link to hong kong disneyland



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